Single Parents: Taking Care of Yourselves

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Being a parent, whether you are on your own or you have a partner to help you, is never an easy thing. There are many demands to meet and you might feel at some point that your life is solely dedicated to your kids. If you are a single parent and you are feeling stressed out, remember that in order to take care of your kids, you have to take care of yourself first.


Here are some steps that will help you be relieved from the stress you might be going through:



Some single parents tend to be more emotional than those parents with partners. Some might feel a certain tinge of anger and abandonment on top of anxiety and loneliness. However, being in charge also means that you have to tame your emotions. Regardless if you are a woman or a man, being a single parent boosts your self-confidence and self-worth. You don’t necessarily have to isolate yourself or reject assistance, you just simply need to ‘get it together’ and know that you are in control of the situation.



The most important thing is to have a game plan. Doing things on your own might get overwhelming especially if you did not plan beforehand. It is essential that you are organized when it comes to taking care of your children – especially if your kids have different ages. When you are planning your activities, always prioritize your baby (in case you have one). Your dirty laundry can wait, but your baby’s needs can’t. It’s all about setting your priorities straight – you can already lessen your stress just by having a systematic approach on things.



Some single parents have to juggle everything – home, work and social life. It is important that you are who you need to be depending on where you are. At home, be a mom or a dad. At work, you have to be the best employee. When you are out for a night of de-stressing, make sure you leave your worries alone. Get a babysitter or leave your kids under the care of someone you trust – and ENJOY! Whatever you do, do not forget that you have different responsibilities, so make sure that you are always alert as to which role you are playing and what tasks you need to carry out.



Being a single parent doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world – sometimes it can even be the best thing for some. The most important thing is to not burden yourself so much, to the point of driving yourself to exhaustion. Keep in mind that you will not be able to perform well if you are having many worries and fears. You have to take care of yourself if you want to be an effective single parent.                                   

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