Benefits of MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment

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As a woman ages, her body goes through different changes. When her estrogen count declines, it can lead to vaginal atrophy – irritation and dryness that cause pain during intercourse and other uncomfortable symptoms. In some cases, these symptoms can even alter one’s quality of life. However, there is a new laser treatment that is said to provide relief for women.


The MonaLisa Touch (MLT)

In 2014, the MonaLisa Touch treatment was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for gynecologic use. Through laser technology, it is used to treat vaginal atrophy and other issues such as incontinence.


How is it administered and how does it work?

The MLT only takes a few minutes to perform. A doctor first examines the patient to rule out infections then applies numbing cream to the vaginal opening. The treatment involves placing tiny holes in the vaginal lining. This treatment results in healthy tissue growth and new blood flow. Through vaginal biopsies, it has been proven that the vaginal wall grows thicker with stronger and more elastic tissue as well as new blood vessels.


In simpler terms, the MLT ‘remodels’ the vagina with healthier tissue. The course of treatment typically involves the initial procedure, then followed by two more treatments done six weeks apart.


What are its benefits?

Women with several gynecological problems may benefit from MLT. Some women might be suffering from vulvovaginal atrophy following menopause. This is when the vagina becomes dry and sometimes smaller, causing painful intercourse. In some cases, women with this condition can’t even have intercourse at all. So if you are having these symptoms, you might be a perfect candidate for MLT.


This treatment might also be ideal for women who cannot or do not want to take vaginal estrogen – or those who have not responded to it or a similar therapy. These are women who have experienced vaginal atrophy following breast or ovarian cancer – vaginal estrogen might not be an appropriate treatment.


MLT can also be used to treat lichen sclerosis. This is a chronic problem of irritation and thinning of the vulvar skin.


Is the procedure painful?

The procedure does not require anesthesia. There are some patients who may experience some discomfort the first time the probe is inserted, but for the actual treatment, it is not painful. Some patients report that they feel a gentle vibration.


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