Our Process

To get started with First Steps Fertility, your physician should complete and forward a referral form to our office (ours or one of your own). Once we’ve processed your form, an appointment date and time will be made for your initial consultation, which will be sent to your physician and relayed back to you.

First Steps Fertility is happy to offer government funding to eligible patients.

We can discuss this option at your initial consultation.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your appointment to complete our patient health history forms. 


What To Expect


Your appointment should last about an hour.


An extensive health history will be taken.


You may be required to have blood work done. You do not need to fast.


You will have a chance to ask the doctor questions and work out next steps in your journey.

What To Bring

What we will discuss

Additional tests will be scheduled at the earliest available time. For most patients the process of completing the required tests and receiving results takes between four to six weeks.

Tests You Can Expect

Blood Tests

Routine blood testing includes an infectious disease screen, blood group testing, iron, glucose, hemoglobin , and a variety of hormones involved in fertility. Both partners have blood work done at the first visit. There is no need to fast.


This is a special ultrasound that will further detail your anatomy especially looking at the inside of your uterus and to determine if your fallopian tubes are open.


this is a blood test that will look at the reserve of the ovaries. In infertility, we use this along with estradiol and FSH measured at the start of a cycle to estimate the remaining time left to conceive (ovarian reserve). It will help determine the responsiveness to treatment, and also helps determine how aggressive treatment needs to be to help a couple conceive.

Semen Analysis

In couples that have male partners, a semen analysis is ordered. It is done by appointment in the office in a comfortable space. This is vital, as over 40% of couples in Canada with infertility may have a male factor.

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Personalized Treatment

Medical evaluations and tests are used to uncover the reason behind your difficulties conceiving, and will help offer a prognosis for your future fertility. If applicable, a battery of standard diagnostic tests may be requested.

Based on your evaluation, test results and treatment goals, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you and your partner, and during your follow up appointment, you will have the opportunity to review the plan and provide feedback.

At First Steps Fertility, our goal is to start your treatment cycle within days of receiving your final test results. Guiding you through an effective and efficient treatment process is our top priority. We pride ourselves on providing personalized individualized treatment, and are readily available to discuss your treatment plan, your progress and your concerns.

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