Yoga: Can It Help Boost Fertility?

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Yoga has been regarded as a wonderful way to improve one’s mind, body and soul – it had been that way for years! It is an ancient Indian form of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines based upon poses that allow people to not only work the body into different shapes, but help to provide peace and tranquility, too. In recent years, a shift in the yoga community can be witnessed as more women turn to alternative means to help boost their fertility and increase their chances of conceiving. From this idea, “fertility yoga” was born.


Studies show that both yoga and meditation can significantly increase conception rates in women.


What is Fertility Yoga?

Fertility yoga is pretty much just like your average yoga routine. However, the specific poses used within a session are done so for their usefulness in aiding a woman’s effort to get pregnant. Some poses help create better blood flow to reproductive organs while other poses help centre the mind and body due to the inevitable stresses found in trying to conceive. Fertility yoga provides a balance of exercising the body and mind to create the right environment for a woman to successfully conceive.


All yoga poses have a benefit to the body and mind, this is true, but some provide the maximum benefit in boosting fertility.


Here are 4 fertility yoga poses that help increase the chances of conception and at the same time help relieve stress and worry that infertility can bring:


Legs Up the Wall Pose

Traditionally known as viparita karani, this pose helps increase the chances of conception as it helps the sperm travel deeper into the reproductive tract, having higher chances of reaching the matured egg waiting for fertilization.


Lotus Pose

This is traditionally known as padmasana and it helps increase fertility by centering the mind and reducing stress in the body. By doing this pose, women are able to rebalance their hormones to help create optimal levels that will ensure their bodies go through the normal ovulation cycle correctly.


Cobra Pose

This is also called bhujangasana and this pose provides an increase of blood flow to the ovaries and the uterus which can aid in everything – from the production of hormone used in the ovulation cycle to the production of cervical mucus which can help the sperm make their journey to the egg.


At the end of the day, it is important to keep in mind that living a fertile life is more than just getting ready for pregnancy or parenthood. It is also about taking a good look at your life and making conscious decisions to let of things that no longer serve your purpose.



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