Tone Down Your Workouts Before Pregnancy


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Being active is almost always a positive choice and keeping fit while trying to get pregnant is a great thing. You must have to remember, however, that overly intense workouts might do more to hinder your conception efforts than help.


Health IS Wealth, Until It Isn’t

Exercise plays a huge role in a person’s overall health and wellness – there’s no arguing this fact. It can even help prepare your body for conception and pregnancy. There is an exception, though. Just like the old saying goes, “Too much of any good thing can be bad.” Too much exercise can be bad for your body when you are trying to conceive. Intense exercises during preconception can alter your menstrual cycle and it can even halt ovulation.


The good news is you do not have to skip your fitness fix altogether – you just have to dial down the intensity a bit.


How, you ask? These helpful guidelines should be considered:


For Runners

There is no reason to give up running before pregnancy especially since it is an excellent cardiovascular activity – it definitely gets the blood pumping. If you are trying to conceive, this is not the ideal time to be training for a marathon – it can put a big strain on your body and it might interfere with your menstrual cycle. Moderate jogs will keep you fit without having to jeopardize your pregnancy plans.


For Weightlifters

Weightlifting is another form of great exercise since it builds bone strength and muscle tone – both help keep you in top shape during pregnancy. However, pushing your body to the limit can also interfere with your menstrual cycle. Instead of lifting massive tons of heavy metal, use this time to ease up on the poundage. Lighter weights with more repetitions should do the trick. You can focus on resistance exercises that use your own body weight (squats, lunges, crunches, push-ups).


For Yogis

Yoga is another ideal exercise before pregnancy because it builds balance, strength, endurance, and muscle tone. It also helps to relax you! Just keep in mind that yoga injuries are common and injuries can ruin your baby-making efforts. You should avoid Bikram yoga as this form of yoga involves poses in a room heated to between 95 and 105 degrees – not recommended if you are trying to conceive. It will be best to consult your yoga instructor and your doctor to find the best yoga style that will work for you.


For Swimmers or Cyclists

As great as these exercises are, remember that this is not the best time to train for a triathlon as doing so can put undue strain on your system and it can also interfere with ovulation. Develop a routine at a moderate to somewhat high pace. You should also advise your partner to avoid excessive cycling as it can raise body temperature in the groin area, leading to decrease sperm production.

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