The Wonders of the MonaLisa Touch

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When a woman goes through menopause, she might experience uncomfortable or painful vaginal conditions. Such symptoms include itching and burning sensations, as well as some irritation in the vaginal area. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then this article will be helpful for you. Let us tell you the wonders of the MonaLisa Touch!



The MonaLisa Touch is an innovative laser procedure produced and designed by DEKA (Italy). It delivers fractional CO2 laser energy into the vaginal wall tissues. This unique laser procedure prevents and resolves the decline in estrogen levels in the vaginal tissue that typically occurs during menopause or after childbirth.



The MonaLisa Touch reactivates the production of new collagen and it also re-establishes the conditions the vaginal mucosa once had. The MonaLisa Touch is now the most efficient non-surgical and non-pharmacological solution in terms of preventing and treating vaginal atrophy, as well as its after-effects.


The MonaLisa Touch procedure is usually done in an office or clinical environment. One of the great things about this laser procedure is that it does not require anesthesia. It also comes with no pain or side effect! Great, right?



You might be wondering how a simple laser procedure can help relieve menopausal symptoms. What happens is the CO2 laser acts on the vaginal walls through a special scanner. It then creates microlesions that are required for triggering a neocollagenesis process – the production of new collagen – and reorganizing and re-equilibrating the components of the vaginal mucosa.


This laser procedure safely and painlessly reactivates and re-establishes the proper function of the urogenital structures. At the same time, it improves the symptoms associated with urinary dysfunction such as mild incontinence brought about by stress.


A tissue regeneration is triggered and this lasts numerous weeks. The great news is that immediately, just after the first treatment, stimulation will occur. Significant improvements are manifested early.



Starting from the first treatment, complete tissue regeneration should be seen. The mucosa tissue becomes more hydrated and nourished. The epithelium also becomes elastic, thicker, and more toned. The vagina basically becomes tighter. The MonaLisa Touch re-establishes the correct vaginal Ph and this helps in maintaining the vagina’s natural protective barrier – also reducing the risk of infection.


If you are suffering from vaginal conditions, setup an appointment with Dr. Fay Weisberg. She is one of the first doctors in Canada to offer this amazing laser procedure.


Suffering from menopause should not be done in silence. If you are interested in the MonaLisa Touch, give us a call today!

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