What NOT to Do When Trying to Conceive

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Do you want to get pregnant? We mean, do you want it to happen right now? If so then you are probably already doing things that can improve your odds of conceiving. But did you know that there are also things that you should avoid doing?

Here are some of the things that you should NOT do when you are trying to conceive:

Do Not Use Vaginal Douches

Those squirt bottles and bags with attached tubes “rinse” the vagina by shooting fluid up and into the vaginal canal. They are often a mixture of vinegar and water and usually contain perfumes to cover up natural vaginal scents. Around 20% to 40% of women use vaginal douche products but if you are trying to conceive, you should drop the habit. In a study conducted recently, it showed that women who use vaginal douches were actually 30 percent less likely to get pregnant in any given month compared to those who do not douche. If you are douching because of pungent vaginal odours, you should see your doctor.

Do Not Use Lubricants

Sometimes you need some help with lubrication to make sex more comfortable. However, you should not just reach for those products that are found at the pharmacy unless they are specially formulated for fertility. Studies have found that majority of lubricants out there are actually harmful to sperm. There are fertility-friendly lubricants that your doctor can tell you about.

Do Not ONLY Have Sex When You’re Ovulating

Yes, as you probably know, you are most fertile two days before and on the day of your ovulation. However, that does not mean that you should only have sex during those times. According to research, frequent sex results to healthier sperm, and the sex you have even before you are fertile could actually boost your chances of getting good quality sperms when they are needed.

Do Not Ignore Your Health

You should pay attention to your overall health and not just your fertility. This is because all the systems in our body work co-dependently and everything that you do has an impact on your reproductive health. For instance, did you know that gum disease is actually related to male fertility? Unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine drinking and junk eating, as well as being over or underweight all have effects on your fertility.

Do Not Put Off Seeking Help

If you have been trying for over six months and you’re 35 years old or above, or you’re younger than 35 but you’ve been trying for more than a year now, you should see a doctor. Dr. Fay Weisberg from First Steps Fertility can help you! Do not delay and schedule an appointment immediately. There are forms of infertility that get worse with time and delaying treatment can actually significantly lessen your chances of a successful pregnancy. Of course, age is a factor, too.

Some couples hesitate because they think treatments are always expensive or they don’t like the idea of IVF. But there are other fertility treatments that you can try and seeing a doctor is the only way for you to know about them. Talk to Dr. Fay Weisberg today to learn more about them!

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