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As women, we tend to worry about the effects of aging. We scrutinize each wrinkle and fret over every jiggle, but we sometimes forget about the changes that take place in parts we cannot see – like the vagina.


It is important to recognize the cause of most of these vaginal changes. As we approach menopause, our estrogen levels begin to decline and can fluctuate unpredictably – causing symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, and vaginal conditions. Hot flashes and mood swings tend to taper off when estrogen levels stabilize after menopause – but not vaginal changes. Those tend to get worse so it is important to seek treatment as soon as they begin to get crucial.



Estrogen promotes blood flow in the pelvic region. It stimulates the production of vaginal fluid that helps lubricate the vagina and keep women comfortable. So when  estrogen levels drop, less moisture is produced, often making you feel burning and itching sensations in the vagina.


Loss of Elasticity and Thinning

As estrogen levels drop, muscle, skin and tissue all over the body thins and loses elasticity, including the vaginal area. Without estrogen to maintain the fat and collagen in our cells, the vaginal tissue becomes thinner and the folds that stretch during sex and childbirth flatten out, increasing irritation and making sexual intercourse painful.



Loss of Sensitivity

In addition to a decrease in sex drive during menopause, the fall in estrogen and decreased blood supply to the genitals can also affect the pleasure some women feel from sexual stimulation. The clitoris itself might become less sensitive. Some researchers believe that this is due to the low levels of estrogen combined with nervous and vascular system changes.


Narrowing or Shortening of the Vagina

Along with the loss of elasticity, failure to stimulate the vaginal tissues will cause your vagina to get smaller and tighter. This only means that you still have to try having sexual intercourse again – even if you might feel a bit of discomfort.


Bladder Leaks

Incontinence is a common part of aging – especially in women – and a symptom of getting older that most do not want to talk about.  Various factors such as childbirth and hormonal changes weaken the pelvic floor. Thinner, more fragile tissue also makes bladder irritation more likely. In fact, 1 in 3 women suffer from bladder issues in a lifetime.


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