Vaginal Care Tips for the Summer


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Very few topics are as embarrassing and awkward as a sweaty vagina. It’s definitely not your favourite topic for chit-chat. But it does exist and a lot of women experience it, so we believe it’s something that we do need to discuss – especially because summer is here!

With the warm weather and the increased number of hours we spend outdoors, mostly at the beach, it is not surprising that you get a little sweaty even down there. And while vagina sweat does not only happen during summer, we can’t deny that they are more common then. Of course, there are other things to worry about like urinary tract infections and yeast infections, among others.

Well, let’s not make you wait any longer. Here are some helpful tips on how you should take care of your vagina during summer:

Don’t sit around in your wet bottoms for too long. We know how fun and relaxing it is to just hang out at the beach or by the pool. But that naturally means wearing a swimsuit and getting wet. While all that is fine, you should take note that sitting around with your wet bottoms means you are exposing yourself to infections. To avoid these, simply change as soon as possible and avoid wearing wet swimsuit bottoms under your shorts or skirts.

Go Commando! You know you want to. Skipping underwear, especially at night is actually advisable. This is because going commando allows your vagina to breathe so it’s not always hot and sweaty!

Wash and change towels often. Wet towels are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. That means that every time you use your days-old towel, you are exposing your body and your vagina to bacterial infections! So make it a habit of washing your towels and changing them as often as you can.

Wash with warm water. Now more than ever, you need to feel extra fresh, especially down there. That means you should wash or shower more. Stay away from douches and strongly-scented body washes as they can easily infect your lady parts.

Opt for cotton underwear. We say this time and again – cotton underwear is your best bet! It allows your vagina to breathe and it’s more comfortable. It also helps prevent sweating, unlike satin or lace underwear.

Do not let a vaginal infection ruin your summer. Make sure your vagina is healthy during these months by following these tips!

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