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Spring is almost here – can you feel it? Soon, flowers will start to bloom and the birds will begin to chirp. As exciting as it is to think of all the activities you would be enjoying during the upcoming season, do not forget to prioritize your health – including your vagina’s.  Just like any part of your body, the vagina should be kept healthy and this means taking care of its surface area and avoiding chemicals.


Vaginal Smells and Discharges

Keep in mind that each vagina is unique. They do share common characteristics; however, every woman has her own amount of discharge and smell that varies with her menstrual cycle. Vaginas produce fluids in response to physical activity and sexual arousal. You might notice slight staining on your underwear that is yellowish or white and a distinct odour (not bad) – this is normal.


Also remember that you should not aim for your vagina to smell like flowers. Sprays, lotions and deodorants should be avoided. There are also some baby wipes and feminine wipes that lead to irritation; be careful with your choices.


Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your vaginal health is at its best:


Wash it daily.

The vulva and the vagina should be cleansed with clean water at least once a day. Liquid body washes are not advisable because those can irritate the vulva area which can lead to itching or burning. Washing your vagina with soap every time you urinate is not also an ideal thing as over-cleaning can also cause irritation.


Wipe from the front to the back.

This is an essential rule you should live by. If you wipe your vagina wrongly, you will drag bacteria from the anus to the vagina and it can get in the wrong spot which can cause irritation and an infection.


Avoid certain lubricants.

Rubbing alcohol, Vaseline and other heavy-duty lubricants should never be applied in the vaginal area. If you are going to use lubricants, choose water- or silicone-based ones.


Have a balanced diet.

It has not yet been proven that the food you eat can actually influence your vaginal health but studies have shown that balanced, nutritious diets as well as drinking plenty of fluids are keys to great vaginal and reproductive health. Cranberry juice and yogurt have been proven to help prevent and treat yeast infections.


Have regular check-ups with an OB-GYN.

Make it a point to setup an appointment with Dr. Fay Weisberg to ensure your vaginal health is at its optimum level.


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