Vaginal Care: Things to Remember This Fall

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If you do not know it yet, the changing of seasons can affect the vagina. The good news is as the weather shifts from humid to breezy – the environment for the vagina also becomes a bit friendlier.


If you usually struggle with yeast infection in the summer, then you will love the fall. Dr. Raquel Dardik, a gynecologist at NYU says that during the fall, you still have to be mindful of the clothes you wear – especially those that come into contact with your vagina. Here are some things to remember:


Avoid tight or synthetic clothing.

Fall does bring one risk for yeast infections: clothing choices. Outfits for the cold weather compose mainly of leggings, tights, and body-hugging pants. These items can be worn as long as they are not too tight. Keep in mind that anything that traps moisture can create a moist, warm environment that yeast loves to thrive in. Synthetic underwear should also be avoided. It is best to go with breathable clothing.


Dry weather does not equate to dryness in the vaginal area.

You might think that dry air would contribute to vaginal dryness, but fortunately, that is not the case. If the vagina happens to feel dry, it might be due to hormonal changes, certain medications you are taking, or products with certain irritants and allergens. The vagina is its own internal ecosystem so even if the skin around it gets dry, it will still be generally well-protected.


Eating more sugar does not mean more yeast infections.

Fall is the season of pumpkin and pecan pie, but there is no harm in enjoying these treats. It is a common belief that diets high in sugar as well as refined carbohydrates can cause yeast infections. However, Dr. Dardik says that we do not know enough to confirm this claim. According to her, women who have diabetes are at higher risk for yeast infections, but there is not a lot of research that indicates whether women who eat diets that are higher in sugar but are not diabetic have higher risk of yeast infections.


Just keep in mind, however, that sugar can cause a lot of health concerns eventually.


Stay away from self-treatments when it comes to vaginal concerns.

No matter what the season is, some women automatically conclude that any vaginal irritation is a yeast infection. What’s worse is that they try home remedies. Recurring infections are not always yeast thus self-treating these infections would not help.


If you are experiencing any vaginal discomfort or pain, consult Dr. Fay Weisberg immediately.

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