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During the colder months, we are aware of the usual health concerns: dry skin, weight gain and winter blues. Do not forget that winter can also be a little harsh on the vagina.


How to avoid getting infections during the most wonderful time of the year? Simple: eat the right foods and wear the right clothes!


  • Probiotics help keep the gut healthy, and it also protects the vagina from yeast infections. Raw garlic is also said to be great for its pro-vagina powers, but Dr. Gottfreid, an author and educator, says that is not the case.


  • Too much refined carbohydrates are known to feed yeast and they can harm the health of the vagina and vulva so it is best to stay away from them. They can also tip you over the edge into yeast overgrowth. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially during the holiday season filled with sweet treats!


  • When it comes to the proper clothing aspect, pencil skirts and skinny jeans are fine to wear. It’s not about the cut, but rather, the materials used to make those clothing items. You can wear body hugging clothes but make sure that the vagina can breathe. It is best to steer away from synthetics.


  • For your underwear, cotton is still your best bet. Again, the style does not matter. If you want to wear thongs, you may do so – just make sure it is made of cotton.


  • Getting a cold could actually be bad for your vagina. Certain cold medicines could actually be harmful to the vagina since certain antibiotics can destroy the vagina’s natural flora. If you do get a cold, do not worry – just be sure to have food rich in antibiotics to help protect the vagina.


  • Dry air does not equate to vaginal dryness. Contrary to popular belief, dry air does not contribute to vaginal dryness. The vagina has its own internal ecosystem. If your vagina is feeling dry, then it can be most likely due to hormonal changes, products with allergens and irritants, and certain medications.


  • As nice as a warm bath sounds during a cold winter night, be careful the next time you decide to step into your bath. There are certain soaps and body washes that can strip the vagina off of its natural vaginal flora which helps in protecting the vagina from nasty infections.


If you want to get rid of uncomfortable and painful vaginal conditions, setup an appointment with Dr. Fay Weisberg today for more details.


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