The MonaLisa Touch: What You Need to Know

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As women go through menopause, they can experience symptoms such as hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, mood changes and their bodies can also change resulting in vaginal dryness, vaginal itching and burning, bladder infections and painful intercourse. The Mona Lisa Touch laser is designed to treat the vaginal changes of menopause resulting in a renewed lining of the vagina and the disappearance of many of the changes related to menopause.

MonaLisa Touch has proven to ease the following symptoms:

*Vaginal Dryness – As women age, the blood flow decreases, making intercourse become painful. This change can worsen overtime.

*Sore Vagina – When a woman goes through menopause, the estrogen level falls. The vagina, rich in receptors for estrogen, might be affected by the shift in hormones. This will also result in sore and painful intercourse – often with bleeding.

*Vaginal Itch – vaginal itching in the menopause is often related to thinning of the tissue which can make it more irritated leading to itching.

*Change in Vaginal Odor – as estrogen levels fall, the natural Ph of the vagina changes which leads to the growth of different bacteria and a change in odor.

*Painful Intercourse – dryness and the lack of the ability to lubricate lead to pain with intercourse and often no intercourse at all.

*Mild Incontinence – Many tissues in our body need estrogen to maintain their integrity, including the vagina and base of the bladder. When a woman’s estrogen level decreases and the walls of the vagina become thin, as does the strength of the base of the bladder which can lead to small losses of urine with exercise, coughing or laughing.


The Mona Lisa Touch Laser delivers a small gentle laser pulse to the vaginal wall. There are 3 sessions, each are about 3-5 minutes in length and are 6 weeks apart. They are relatively painless and require no preparation and no recovery.

Patients are asked to stop using lubrication or estrogen for 2 days before their procedure and for 2 days after they should not have intercourse or exercise.

There may be a small amount of bleeding or mild discomfort within a few days of the treatment, and most women will notice an improvement of their symptoms within a few weeks of their first treatment.

*Vaginal renewal – the laser restores the thickened lush vaginal wall as prior to menopause allowing women to experience painless intercourse

*Eliminates Vaginal odor

*Improves bladder control and decreases chronic bladder infections

*Improves sexual pleasure

Dr. Fay Weisberg is one of the first doctors in Canada to offer this advanced procedure. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned conditions, do not suffer in silence. If you have any questions regarding the cost and safety of this procedure, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Fay Weisberg at your convenience.

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