The MonaLisa Touch: We Answer Your Questions

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You or someone you know must be going through post-menopausal changes and you are aware of how these changes can affect a woman’s quality of life. Not all women, however, go through these changes but when you do experience them, you would want to have a therapy that can help you relieve the discomfort.


That is what the MonaLisa Touch is here for! As women pass through menopause, many changes can take place due to the decrease in a woman’s estrogen levels. The changes can affect different parts of the body. In the vagina, there can be dryness, painful intercourse, itching, change in odour, and sometimes, bladder changes.


What is the MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is a life-changing laser therapy that is designed to restore gynecologic vaginal health. It delivers controlled energy to the vaginal wall tissue, generating new collagen, elastin as well as vascularization.


What vaginal conditions can the MonaLisa Touch treat?

Vaginal Dryness – As a woman ages, blood flow decreases as well as the natural lubrication thus making intercourse painful. When this happens, some women resort to over-the-counter lubrication products but note that this is less than ideal.


Vaginal Itch – This itching or discomfort is often associated with infections such as yeast. However, as mentioned earlier, the estrogen levels fall as a woman ages, thus the tissue of the vagina thins and bacteria change. When the tissue thins and blood flow decreases, it can make the vagina feel an itchy sensation due to its dryness.


Sore Vagina – As estrogen levels fall, the vagina is very much affected by the hormonal shift. Its normally thickened tissue becomes very thin, resulting to a sore feeling, mostly during, after or even without intercourse.


Does the MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy hurt?

Some patients have experienced some discomfort the first time, but the actual treatment is not painful – it does not even require anesthesia. Some patients have reported that it feels like a gentle vibration.


How long does this procedure take?

The treatment is given three times, with a six-week gap for each session. The actual laser procedure takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.


When will the results manifest?

Some patients feel improvement as early as the first treatment is done. After the third and final treatment, complete vaginal restoration should be felt.


How long does it last?

An annual maintenance treatment is advised. Dr. Fay Weisberg will determine if there is a requirement for a follow-up treatment.


Are there any limitations following the procedure?

Patients are advised to refrain from sexual activity for 2 to 3 days. A post-procedure regimen will be determined by Dr. Fay Weisberg.


How much does this procedure cost?

For more financial information relating to this procedure, please contact our office at 416.221.7545.


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