Talking to Your Partner About Infertility


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Having serious talks in a relationship is not something that anyone looks forward to, but they are an essential component of a healthy relationship. Among the most serious conversations that a couple could have, infertility is one of the top contenders.

Whether you are trying for a kid or not, having this conversation is important to develop a better understanding of what type of relationship you are in and it can help create a stronger bond between you and your partner. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to talking to your partner about infertility.

Do Your Research

When you are going to be talking about something, you want to make sure that you know what you are talking about. Before you jump into the conversation about infertility, make sure you do your research and know some of the relevant facts when it comes to your specific fertility issues.

Otherwise, you might find that your partner becomes all worked up and stressed out about something that likely is not even going to be a serious concern for you two. Come equipped with the knowledge of the estimated chances of you two still conceiving a kid and the various treatment options that are available and you’ll be surprised how smooth the conversation goes.

Talk Sooner Rather Than Later

It is commonly said that a happy couple does not keep any secrets from each other. There is much debate over whether that is true or not, but in the case of infertility, it is definitely true. This does not mean that you have to tell someone that you have fertility problems only a month or two into dating them, but once you reach a point of seriously planning out your future together, the conversation should definitely have taken place.

You might be tempted to wait until you think your partner has already fallen too much in love with you to let your infertility affect your relationship, but thinking like this will only lead to a bad situation. Telling your partner can be a great way to find out what kind of relationship you are in because their response will likely dictate whether or not either of you believe there is a real future together or not. It might seem scary, but a loving partner can help you get through it.

To find out more about how to best handle infertility or get tested for it, contact a gynecologist today.

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