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Vaginal Care Tips for the Summer

Very few topics are as embarrassing and awkward as a sweaty vagina. It’s definitely not your favourite topic for chit-chat. But it does exist and a lot of women experience it, so we believe it’s something that we do need to discuss – especially because summer is here! With the warm weather and the increased number of hours we spend outdoors, mostly at the beach, it is not surprising that you ... READ MORE

Common Vaginal Infections You Should Be Aware Of

Do you sometimes suffer from a burning feeling down there? Do your vagina itch? These are just some of the most common vaginal infection symptoms that you have to watch out for. And because their treatments vary depending on the condition, it is better that you know how to determine the type of vaginal infection that you have. These are some of the most common types of vaginal infections: ... READ MORE

How to Deal with Vaginal Itching

Itching anywhere on the body can cause anyone great discomfort – especially when it occurs in areas as sensitive as the vulva and vagina. Most genital itching is not a major concern, but they can still be symptoms of an infection. Vaginal itching is an uncomfortable symptom, sometimes painful, and it often occurs due to irritating substances, menopause or infections. It can also occur as a result ... READ MORE

Vaginal Care Tips for Spring

Spring is almost here – can you feel it? Soon, flowers will start to bloom and the birds will begin to chirp. As exciting as it is to think of all the activities you would be enjoying during the upcoming season, do not forget to prioritize your health – including your vagina’s.  Just like any part of your body, the vagina should be kept healthy and this means taking care of its surface area a ... READ MORE

Get Your ‘V’ Ready for Winter

Winter is also known to be the ‘sweater weather’ and everyone knows the usual health concerns – weight gain, dry skin, and winter blues. Your vagina can also be affected during this season but don’t fret; there are ways to ward off nasty yeast infections and similar uncomfortable situations.   Here are several things for you to remember that can ensure that your vagina is in p ... READ MORE

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