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Stressors You Should Avoid When Trying to Conceive

Have you ever heard someone say, “Just relax and you will get pregnant,” to someone who is having a difficult time getting pregnant? As insulting as that statement might sound, there’s some truth to it.   The Hypothalamus The hypothalamus, a gland in the brain, is responsible for regulating one’s appetite and emotions. It also regulates the hormones that tell y ... READ MORE

Pregnant Women: Safe Spring Cleaning

  During pregnancy, everything can seem more intense for the pregnant woman. When she feels hungry, it might seem to her as if she is STARVING. When she feels thirsty, she will feel PARCHED. If she feels that the house is dirty, she will feel like the house is FILTHY, and there is no stopping her from cleaning.   Spring is just around the corner and even pregnant women can ... READ MORE

Boost Your Fertility With Yoga

In lieu with the ever-changing times, those who fall victim to the damages caused by daily stress has made an exponential increase, wives and women who are trying to conceive are no exception. Yoga is a hundred year old practice that aims to uplift the spirit and promote physical wellness. Since its inception, Yoga has given birth to many factions that focus on special niches – from stress manage ... READ MORE

The Truth About Fertility – What Every Woman Who Wants Children Of Her Own Should Know

Before even beginning to question matters of childrearing, a woman who has made a conscious decision to bring life into this world must begin to ask questions about childbearing and fertility. Fertility is a matter that concerns men and women alike. Men have openly talked about impotency and have bravely asked questions about treatment while women, on the other hand, have chosen to talk about it in ... READ MORE

Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy

Regardless of whether your pregnancy was smooth sailing or years in the making, there's one thing all pregnant moms share in common – aches, pains, and sleepless nights. Eating right and getting plenty are both important to a happy, healthy pregnancy, there's one other factor you may discount – pampering yourself! You and your body are doing a wonderful thing, and you both deserve to indulge in ... READ MORE

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