Summer Tips for Infertile Couples

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Summer is an exciting time for most people but for some, it can be a particularly challenging time. For people struggling with fertility, summer can remind them of babies – at the beach, on vacation, cookouts, family parties, etc.


There are summer family reunions where relatives announce new pregnancies or some make inquiries about your baby plans. There is no denying it – summer can certainly be a tricky time for people who are struggling to get pregnant. While most are celebrating the glorious sunshine, it can be a very lonely time for people who want to achieve pregnancy.


To help those dealing with fertility issues during the summer months, here are five key survival tips to keep in mind:


#01. Be prepared. Your responses on baby plans should be prepared ahead of time. You should not be caught off guard at family gatherings by “well-intentioned” aunts or cousins who ask if you have any ‘baby news’ you would like to share. You can try this for a good response: Not yet, but we are hoping to expand our family soon.


#02. Choose the parties you will attend. It is best to scale back on the ones that may make you feel discouraged. If someone’s annual summer party is filled with little ones, it is best to not go or you can plan to leave early if you need to. You do not have to live up to everyone’s expectations.


#03. Have a support system. A supportive partner or spouse is crucial during these times. Tell your partner how you feel and spend more time doing things that couples do such as going to a nice restaurant or having a spa weekend.


#04. Recharge. Summers aren’t just about partying or having fun; it can also mean having time for yourself. You can choose to make this summer season a personal renewal. You can get ready for infertility treatment by relaxing and preparing yourself physically and emotionally.


#05. Be grateful. If you are feeling anxious at a party, keep in mind that most people at the event are also battling their personal wars such as loneliness, unemployment, the loss of a loved one. Be thankful because infertility is very treatable.


If you have been struggling to get pregnant for a long time, you should take the steps to start building a family today. Here at First Steps Fertility, our fertility specialist, Dr. Fay Weisberg, dedicates her life to helping people who are struggling with infertility. Remember that you should not keep it a secret. 1 in 6 couples in Canada is faced with this problem. Know your options today.

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