Summer Activities While Trying to Conceive

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Are you fired up for the summer? Some people have been planning that great summer escapade for months now. Others are probably thinking of how to host the most memorable summer party! How about you? If you are one of those who are trying to conceive, well this article is written just for you! Summer sure is a great season to get out there and live adventurously but if you are trying to get pregnant, you might want to try these activities instead:



If you have heard someone say that that exercising is a no-no for those who are trying to have a baby, let us tell you that there is not entirely true. Before trying to conceive, it is best to develop a regular exercise habit. This helps you feel good throughout your pregnancy, and you will definitely have more stamina for labour and delivery! Studies have shown that exercise may improve your fertility especially if you are struggling to conceive due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or being overweight. There’s no problem with exercising – just don’t overdo yourself. Some women wait until they are pregnant to start a fitness program, but remember that starting early is always better. Keep in mind that a mother’s health is correlated with her baby’s. If exercising is part of your habit even before you get pregnant, then it will be easier for you to stick to your routine with the extra weight of a bump.



If you think that meditation is about ‘letting go’ and ‘stopping your thoughts’, well, you have a different notion about it. Meditation is about taking your thoughts aside for a period of time, just so you can notice other things that are happening more. Some studies show that stress greatly interferes with getting pregnant, while others do not completely agree with that. However, we all know that stress certainly makes life harder! That alone makes conceiving less likely to happen. There’s absolutely no harm in trying to meditate. In addition to it relieving you from stress, it also leads to a lot of other health benefits. Meditation can lower blood pressure, and it also promotes a more efficient use of oxygen in the body.



Traveling throughout most of the pregnancy is safe. It is, however, advised you check with your physician prior to booking any holiday to discuss the timing of the trip, and where you are going. Zika virus is currently a concern in some areas, and certain immunizations may be needed for some women. It is also advisable to have your health care insurance checked to make sure that you will be covered should the need for medical care arise.


Whatever activity you decide on, make sure that it does not post as a health hazard to you or to your future baby. Your partner should also be thinking about this, too. Have fun but always be careful!

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