Suffer No More from Vaginal Discomforts

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When a woman’s estrogen levels decline due to age, it can lead to vaginal atrophy – drying and irritation in the vagina that cause pain during intercourse as well as other symptoms. The symptoms do not just cause discomfort or pain; they can even hinder a woman’s quality of life.


However, there is a new laser treatment that is designed to provide many women with relief: the MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy.


This vaginal laser treatment was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for gynecologic use in 2014. It uses laser technology that helps treat the following vaginal conditions:


*Vaginal Dryness

*Vaginal Itching

*Sore Vagina

*Mild Incontinence

*Painful Intercourse


How does it work?

This treatment is done in three sessions with six weeks apart per session. The actual laser procedure only takes less than 5 minutes to be completed – that quick!


What happens is that the MonaLisa Touch delivers laser energy to the wall tissue of the vagina. This revitalizes a healing reaction in the vaginal canal.


Laser treatment uses light energy amplified several times to produce either inflammation, burning or cutting on the skin it touches. In the vagina, however, the MonaLisa Touch laser sends small pulses of energy that increases collagen which thickens the tissue, and blood vessels which promote healthy tissue to the vagina that has been dry and thinned.


What are its benefits?

Different vaginal conditions can be relieved with the MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy:


Vaginal Dryness – The MonaLisa Touch can stimulate blood flow and collaged to the vagina, increasing lubrication. Once a woman continues to enjoy intercourse, natural lubrication will be produced, relieving the dryness.


Vaginal Itching – With the MonaLisa Touch, the vaginal tissue thickens. The blood flow and collagen are also restored to alleviate the discomfort and itch.


Sore Vagina – The vagina becomes sore when the normal thickened tissue of the vagina becomes very thin. With the MonaLisa Touch, the tissue becomes thick again, restoring normal blood flow and collagen. The vagina becomes renewed to its pre-menopausal state.


Mild Incontinence – When the estrogen levels fall, the strength of the bladder can also be affected and some women may experience an increase in loss of urine just by coughing, sneezing and doing some exercises. The MonaLisa Touch increases blood flow to the vagina, strengthening the walls with collagen and other cells.


Painful Intercourse – The MonaLisa Touch promotes changes to the vagina, increasing blood flow, thickening the tissue and restoring the normal bacteria to decrease or completely eliminate the pain that comes with intercourse.


If you have more questions about the MonaLisa Touch Laser Therapy, give us a call at 416.221.7545.

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