Stress-Free Activities for All Aspiring Mommies-to-Be

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Trying to get pregnant may not be too easy for others – it can actually be a bit stressful. Some women tend to go through an agonizing two-week wait only to see a negative sign again. However, being stressed out will not help you if you are trying to conceive. Here are some of the things to do when you are trying to get pregnant:

Be on-time

Timing is essential when you are trying to conceive. It is your duty to track your menstrual cycle and fertility if you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant. For the different tracking methods, you may consult Dr. Fay Weisberg for the best one to use. Sometimes, knowing that you are actually doing something to attain your dream of being pregnant puts you at ease.

Spend time outside

Spending time outdoors helps people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. You have to involve yourself in activities that allow you to go outside and spend time with your partner. You can have a picnic, swim in a pool, go skiing – any recreational activity will do as long as it relaxes you or makes you happy. Not only is the fresh air good for you, but you and your partner can have some time together – away from your fertility struggles.

Be positive and use positive words

When you feel stressed out about a pregnancy that’s not materializing, it’s easy to be discouraged for everyone to see. However, being optimistic despite life’s hurdles actually help in changing someone’s outlook in life. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you can’t get pregnant, you should always think about how you’re doing everything you can to get pregnant. Whenever you’re talking about conceiving, just be sure to stay on the positive side.

Exercise accordingly

Exercise is known to be one of the best stress relievers so it’s important that you allot some time for this. Studies show that exercise has a positive impact on people’s moods. Spending time on a treadmill for just 30 minutes lowers a person’s anxiety level. Just remember: don’t overdo it. Extreme exercise can interfere with ovulation.

Have a “Me”-Time

You can always say you’re busy – everyone usually does – but admit it, we all need time to ourselves. When you are trying to conceive, it is important that you still spend time doing something you really enjoy doing on your own. It can be as simple as reading, listening to music, or even just sipping a cup of your favourite tea. Whatever it is, as long as it makes you feel happy and relaxed, then do it.


If you are having problems with trying to get pregnant and you want professional help, set-up an appointment with Dr. Fay Weisberg. She will readily answer all your inquiries and she will assist you with your desire to have a child.

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