Skinny Jeans: Is It Good for Women to Wear Them Often?

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Skinny jeans… these tight pants sure look great from the back! Do you know how it’s affecting your vagina? Skinny jeans sure have become fashionable for years now. They never seem to go out of fashion, and even males are starting to wear them. However, tight jeans, tight shorts and even leggings can cause vaginal discomforts, especially when worn excessively.

Friction and Irritation

Tight clothing sure does look good since they show the form of one’s legs and thighs. However, since they fit closely to our skin, they cause friction and rubbing with every movement, resulting to minor tears and tissue damage. Unknowingly, the tight clothes you are wearing causes itching and sometimes even pain to your intimate area and it can put you in a very uncomfortable position. More than that, constant friction causes increase in temperature of the intimate area, adding more to the discomfort. If you are wearing underwear made of synthetic material, or if you are wearing a panty liner, then your skin will not be able to breathe properly. The airflow also becomes restricted, increasing sweat and decreasing oxygen levels. Bodily fluids (sweat and discharge) irritate the skin even more.

Warm and damp surroundings without sufficient airflow can be a perfect dwelling place for bad bacteria and yeasts – increasing the risk of infection. The risk of irritations due to the presence of bad bacteria is even greater when tissues are damaged due to constant rubbing and friction. When the protective barrier gets damaged, the skin will allow microorganisms to enter the deeper layers of the skin.


The thought of having vaginal infections is enough to scare some women from wearing tight-fitting clothing items ever again. However, experts say that you can still wear these clothing items, but not excessively. Skinny jeans or shorts decrease breathability and they help trap the moisture and heat in your vaginal area – this promotes an environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive in. You have to be careful in choosing your underwear. You should also be careful with the type of detergent you use when washing your underwear as this can also be a predisposing factor for bacterial growth. Underwear made from synthetic materials traps moisture and decreases the air flow in the vaginal area. Combining the two together could have a greater impact than just wearing either of the two. Instead, go for underwear made of wicking materials such as polyester.

Protecting your vaginal health and still wearing fashionable items can be done – you just have to be more careful with your clothing choices. If you really want to wear tight-fitting jeans or shorts, just make sure that you will not be doing it on a daily basis. Choose clothing items that will not cut your circulation off and stay away from synthetic materials – especially when it comes to underwear.

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