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Let’s admit it: Single parents do not get the good recognition they deserve. For children growing up in a single-parent household, they might not be aware of all the sacrifices that single parents make in order for them to have the lives they believe they deserve. In reality, single parents are superheroes in their own ways.


Single parents are role models for independence.

When no one else is around to do the things they are not skilled at, single parents learn. Single moms learn to change tires, install TV and entertainment systems, put together a lawn mower while single dads learn how to cook, do the laundry, do their children’s hair, and more. Not only are they skilled but they are also teaching their children how to be independent in the process.


Single parents create a tight-knit family.

Single-parent households usually promote closeness because they fight to survive. They rely on one another in order to have an organized living system and just like a sports team, they work together. Kids, at an early age, learn the value of teamwork and at the same time, being dependable and not dependent.


Single parents are empowered.

Single moms and dads find their own strength in having to be as much as they can for their kids. It is a growing experience that not all parents get to have. They are able to feel a different level of satisfaction when their children succeed against the odds, because they have done the best they can and more – it’s the best payoff for all the hard work and sacrifice they exerted.


Single parents have a monopoly on the values their kids are raised with.

Once children live with one parent, the lifestyle of that parent is the same lifestyle they will adopt. Single parents are free to raise their kids with the morals, character, beliefs and life skills they choose, without having to worry about someone else’s contrasting views.


Single parents are crafty and creative.

A single income can be a burdensome but that does not mean that a single-parent home can’t be a happy and fulfilling one. This situation only pushes a single parent to be more creative. Instead of going out to buy costumes for the school play, a single parent will work together with the kids to create a costume made from different materials found at home. Single parents are also imaginative – they can construct tents in the living room, make snow cones at home, roast marshmallows over the grill, create masterpieces with snacks, and can shop successfully in a thrift store.


If you are a single parent, or you know someone who is, we salute you!

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