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Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Vagina

We all know that you, ladies, take care of your health the best way you could. But, how well do you care for your vagina? You probably know this, but we’d say it over again – it is very important to have a healthy vagina. It’s very sensitive, and aside from that, you know the role it plays in your life as a woman, right?


Here are some hygiene tips to help you keep a healthy vagina no matter what your age is:


  • Wash and Wipe

Thoroughly wash your vagina regularly. Do not use harsh soaps. Also, remember to properly dry it by wiping from front to back!


  • Use Cotton Underwear

Yes, we know you feel confident when you’re wearing your thong, or lace and silk underwear. But the thing is, your comfort and the health of your vagina is more important and cotton underwear can make sure you get both. Cotton panties prevent sweating and bacterial growth so you’ll be infection-free!


  • Stop Making It Smell Like a Bouquet of Flowers

Honey, your vagina is a part of your body not a flower patch in the garden. Don’t expect it to smell like roses or worse, bottled perfume. Stop using douches and scented wipes. Your vagina won’t be any healthier if you keep using those cleaning products. In fact, they just mess up the pH levels of your vagina and send out invitations to bacteria.


  • Eat Healthy

If you still don’t know that what you eat affects the health of your vagina, it’s probably the reason behind some infections and funky smells that you’re worried about. Drink cranberry juice, eat yogurt, avocados, apples, and the like to maintain a healthy vagina.


  • Trim Your Hair Down There

Sexy business aside, you should trim, shave, or wax your vaginal hair for hygienic purposes. What you should never do, however, is apply hair removal cream as it may cause infections, irritations like rashes.


  • Regularly Change Your Tampon or Pad

Whether or not it is soaked, it’s wiser to change your pad or tampon every three to four hours to avoid buildup of bacteria both in and around your vagina. Make sure you wash before every change, too.


  • Protect Yourself Before and After Sex

Making your partner wear a condom does not only protect you from pregnancy, but also from genital warts, yeast, and other vaginal infections. Peeing after sex, as well as washing your vagina also help flush out any bacteria that could have possibly found their way in during intercourse. So make sure that you clean before and after sex.


See? Taking care of your vagina is not complicated at all! Just follow these simple tips and you’d be able to enjoy a healthier and happier vagina!