Safety Pregnancy Tips for the Winter

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The cold, blistery winter season complete with icy sidewalks and slush are now in full force. Being pregnant during this time of year can definitely be a challenge, no thanks to dry and itchy skin, cold and flu germs as well slippery surfaces!


Here are some winter pregnancy tips to keep you warm, safe and healthy:


Safe Footwear

You do not want to take risks with icy sidewalks – wear proper footwear all the time. If you do not own a pair yet, invest in warm, flat boots that provide a lot of support especially around the ankles and soles. If the weather is especially bad, avoid going outside alone as much as possible.


Warm Outerwear

Your growing bump might give you some additional warmth, but you still need to bundle up just like everyone else especially when the temperature drops. Fortunately, there are many maternity coat options you can choose from that provide both style and comfort.


Comfortable Clothes

When pregnant during winter, forget about your heels and tight dresses if you want comfortable days ahead. You can still remain stylish but invest on jeans that stretch out, black pants for work, and warm, cozy sweaters and socks.



Walking outside sure is a great way to get in some exercise while pregnant, but icy and slushy sidewalks are not exactly appealing or safe for that matter. However, the dangers of the outdoors during this season should not prevent you from moving. You may sign up for a prenatal yoga class at your local gym, or you may also choose to workout at home with online videos from YouTube.



All throughout a woman’s pregnancy, body aches are a common thing, especially during the third trimester. Take the pressure off your body by resting regularly. Whenever possible, put your feet up, take warm baths, use back support (especially while sitting for prolonged periods of time), and use a hot water bottle to relieve muscle tension.


Skin Care

The winter months can be a bit notorious for causing skin to dry out, become itchy and flaky. When you are pregnant, itch and dry skin around the belly might feel unbearable. Hot baths and showers should be avoided during this time as they can suck out moisture. Natural oils from almond or avocado should be used daily as well as an unscented moisturizer.


Flu Shot

To help prevent illness during this time, get your flu shot. Remember that the cold weather plus your pregnancy can be hard on your immune system. Any illness you contract can last longer than if you are not pregnant. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins and drink plenty of water. If you are feeling uncomfortable, consult your doctor for more instructions on how you can properly take care of yourself.



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