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Stress-Free Activities When Trying to Conceive

If you are trying to conceive, you may feel extreme stress – both you and your partner. This is true especially when a couple has tried to get pregnant for a while but to no avail. However, it is still important to manage stress when trying to conceive, and this is for both your health and the strength of your relationship. Many couples alter their lifestyle when trying to get pregnant thus, they ... READ MORE

How-To: Turning Menopause into Something Positive

Transitioning to menopause can be a time of inspiration and reflection. Transitions of any kind can be difficult, but many women can experience a newfound sense of personal growth and freedom during the transition to menopause.   IT’S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE Your attitude during this transition can have a great impact on your whole experience, as well as on your choice of behav ... READ MORE

Overcoming the Sexual Health Topic Barrier

To many people, sex is important. It can have a positive impact on one’s sexual health and well-being. A regular, happy sex life can benefit one’s physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. To be human is to be sexual, and we must understand that sex plays an important role in the lives of humans.   However, some people still hold back when it comes to sexual topics – even when ... READ MORE

Fertility and Sunscreen: What You Need to Know

During the summer, you often hear someone saying, “Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!” There is a whole generation of women and men who were taught to apply and spray it on generously to protect their skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Sunscreen, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, prevents sunburn and reduces the risk of skin cancer as well as premature aging.   The ... READ MORE

When Hot Flushes and Summer Heat Collide

Most of us look forward to summer – who doesn’t want to bask in the sun, right? Did you know that some women dread those hot days? As the temperature rises, some women also experience an internal heat wave. If you can relate to that, then this article is for you. Remember, you are not alone.   The Culprit According to the North American Men ... READ MORE