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Common Reasons for Infertility

Both men and women can be impacted by fertility issues. If a couple is having trouble conceiving after 1 year of having regular, unprotected intercourse, it may be time to find ou ... READ MORE

Finding the Right Fertility Clinic

Having a baby can be an incredibly magical and life-changing experience. Being a parent is both a challenging and rewarding experience, but not everyone is able to get pregnant with ease. In s ... READ MORE

Fertility Terms You Should be Familiar With

In 2012, in vitro fertilization (IVF) accounted for over 1.5% of all babies born that year. In the developed world, it is estimated that up to 5% of children have been born using IVF technology, and this percentage is expected to continue ... READ MORE

Talking to Your Partner About Infertility

Having serious talks in a relationship is not something that anyone looks forward to, but they are an essential component of a healthy relationship. Among the most ... READ MORE

Top Things to Know About Your Fertility

It doesn’t really matter when you want to be pregnant, but if you are entertaining the thought, then you might as well know certain things about your fertility. Growing up, not a lot of people got the chance to be educated on egg freezing, or the age you’re most likely to conceive – not even the age when your fertility declines. In fact, some of us were never told what to do in case you can't ... READ MORE