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The Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Dark-Skinned Fruits in Fertility

Red wine has been said to be healthy because it contains resveratrol, an antioxidant. However, if you are trying to conceive, let alone if you are pregnant, consuming alcohol is not really an option. No need to worry – you can still get resveratrol from a different source that’s even more delicious: DARK CHOCOLATE. In many cultures, chocolate has been an ancient tradition and often associated w ... READ MORE

Skinny Jeans: Is It Good for Women to Wear Them Often?

Skinny jeans… these tight pants sure look great from the back! Do you know how it’s affecting your vagina? Skinny jeans sure have become fashionable for years now. They never seem to go out of fashion, and even males are starting to wear them. However, tight jeans, tight shorts and even leggings can cause vaginal discomforts, especially when worn excessively. Friction and Irritation READ MORE

Stress-Free Activities for All Aspiring Mommies-to-Be

Trying to get pregnant may not be too easy for others – it can actually be a bit stressful. Some women tend to go through an agonizing two-week wait only to see a negative sign again. However, being stressed out will not help you if you are trying to conceive. Here are some of the things to do when you are trying to get pregnant: Be on-time Timing is essential when you are tryin ... READ MORE

Yeast Infection vs. Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginal infections are a nasty topic for any woman, but unfortunately, they do occur and many women are bound to experience them at one point or another. Despite these infections occurring normally, women still make the wrong assumptions and purchase the wrong solutions. This article aims to help people understand the difference between two different vaginal infections: yeast infection READ MORE

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What Not to Eat or Drink When Trying to Conceive

A woman does not have to wait until she is pregnant to improve her eating habits. It is better to switch to a healthy diet even when you are not yet pregnant – this ensures that the baby is off to a strong start. Here are some foods and drinks that a woman must avoid when trying to get pregnant: Liver When you are trying to get pregnant, you should avoid eating foods or taking s ... READ MORE