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Get Your ‘V’ Ready for Winter

Winter is also known to be the ‘sweater weather’ and everyone knows the usual health concerns – weight gain, dry skin, and winter blues. Your vagina can also be affected during this season but don’t fret; there are ways to ward off nasty yeast infections and similar uncomfortable situations.   Here are several things for you to remember that can ensure that your vagina is in p ... READ MORE

Know When to Seek Fertility Assistance

Getting pregnant is not always easy for every woman. The big question, however, is how long should you try to get pregnant before seeing an expert?   To put it simply: When should we seek fertility help?   It is true that if you do not get pregnant right away, you might easily become impatient. However, you should also remember that getting timel ... READ MORE

Pregnant Women: Preparing for Winter

You might know a handful of dos and donts when pregnant but true winter is coming – and this means that the rules are about to change a bit. Winter is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. For some, taking out sweaters and jackets may suffice, but for pregnant women, they might need a few more steps to prepare themselves for the harsh climate.   Here are some steps to help you su ... READ MORE

Suffer No More from Vaginal Discomforts

When a woman’s estrogen levels decline due to age, it can lead to vaginal atrophy – drying and irritation in the vagina that cause pain during intercourse as well as other symptoms. The symptoms do not just cause discomfort or pain; they can even hinder a woman’s quality of life.   However, there is a new laser treatment that is designed to provide many women with relief: the Mo ... READ MORE

The MonaLisa Touch: We Answer Your Questions

You or someone you know must be going through post-menopausal changes and you are aware of how these changes can affect a woman’s quality of life. Not all women, however, go through these changes but when you do experience them, you would want to have a therapy that can help you relieve the discomfort.   That is what the MonaLisa Touch is here for! As women pass through menopause, many chan ... READ MORE