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Vaginal Changes After Childbirth

After giving birth, a woman’s vagina may not remain or feel the same. It can be to the natural stretching or episiotomy (cut done by the doctor).   Immediately after childbirth, a woman’s vagina can feel sore and painful. It, however, improves within 6 to 12 weeks. The recovery period can further be accelerated with pelvic floor exercises.   Let us find out what these chang ... READ MORE

Common Vaginal Care Mistakes Women Commit

Nowadays, information on how to stay healthy is accessible to everyone. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, daily dose of vitamins and supplements are the most common ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. However, some women may be committing some vaginal care mistakes. Worse, some might even be overlooking vaginal health altogether.   The vagina knows how to take care of and clean itself. In f ... READ MORE

Doctor with patients at clinic, consulting about pregnancy

Why Seeing a Fertility Doctor is the Best Thing

Trying to have a baby is always an exciting time as it symbolizes the start of a new beginning for any family. Just the thought of having a baby is thrilling enough. However, for some couples, it may not be as encouraging – especially if it takes a long time for them to achieve conception. If you are trying to conceive, knowing the signs of infertility is a must as well as knowing when to visit a ... READ MORE

Pregnant Women: Safe Spring Cleaning

  During pregnancy, everything can seem more intense for the pregnant woman. When she feels hungry, it might seem to her as if she is STARVING. When she feels thirsty, she will feel PARCHED. If she feels that the house is dirty, she will feel like the house is FILTHY, and there is no stopping her from cleaning.   Spring is just around the corner and even pregnant women can ... READ MORE

Surprising Facts About Your ‘V’

You might think that you know there is everything you need to know about the vagina, but you might be surprised at how much you still do not know. We all know for a fact that the vagina is a wonderful yet mysterious organ. It is not enough for you to know just its anatomy but you should also know its functions as well as to how to keep it healthy.   Here are some surprising facts about the va ... READ MORE