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PCOS and Infertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition we can see increasing. PCOS affects about 10% of women from all around the world and can occur at any age before menopause. This condition can go undiagnosed for months because its symptoms overlap with other women’s health concerns.   Women with PCOS have ovaries that create abundant follicles each month without producing an egg. It can con ... READ MORE

Vaginal Care for Older Women

Having various discomforts in the body is common especially with growing age. Vaginal discomfort is the most common occurrence for older women and this happens because there are various biological changes that occur internally. These changes also affect the menstrual cycle and yes, may lead to discomfort.   Women will experience menopause inevitably between the ages of 45 and 50; it can also ... READ MORE

Single Parents: Why We Love Them

Let’s admit it: Single parents do not get the good recognition they deserve. For children growing up in a single-parent household, they might not be aware of all the sacrifices that single parents make in order for them to have the lives they believe they deserve. In reality, single parents are superheroes in their own ways.   Single parents are role models for independence. READ MORE

Are You a Candidate for the MonaLisa Touch?

You might have heard of this life-changing treatment before: the MonaLisa Touch. It might have appealed to you and now you want to know if you are a candidate for it. Well, you’re in luck! This blog aims to help you understand if you can have this treatment.   What is the MonaLisa Touch? The MonaLisa Touch is a state-of-the-art laser treatment designed to rejuvenate a woma ... READ MORE

Is Stress Preventing You From Conceiving?

If you have been trying for six months are more to conceive, then you have probably lost count of the number of times your friends and family offered similar advice such as “You’re trying too hard,” “Take it easy,” or “Don’t stress about it too much.”   In today’s modern society, it is easy for people to become stressed. Sometimes, it even seems as if though being stressed i ... READ MORE