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5 Vaginal Myths Debunked

You might think you know all you should know about the vagina, but you may be surprised about the many common misconceptions!  Check out these 5 vaginal myths and be in-the-know!   Myth #1: Vaginal discharge means you have an STD (or other health issues). While having an STD might cause some discharge, having a dischage does not necessarily mean you have an STD or yeast in ... READ MORE

Yoga: Can It Help Boost Fertility?

Yoga has been regarded as a wonderful way to improve one’s mind, body and soul – it had been that way for years! It is an ancient Indian form of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines based upon poses that allow people to not only work the body into different shapes, but help to provide peace and tranquility, too. In recent years, a shift in the yoga community can be witnessed as more women ... READ MORE

What to Do When Infertility Strains Your Relationship

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times is any couple’s life. For couples who are coping with infertility and infertility treatments, however, trying to conceive can be more than just challenging. They whole journey, if you are not careful, can hurt and damage your relationship as a couple.   Studies show that nearly one-fourth of women reported that infertility had a negative impac ... READ MORE

Fertility 101: Improving Egg Quality

You must have heard this couple of times, how women who are experiencing infertility have poor-quality eggs. You might even had your personal experience with a failed IVF cycle and have been told such. But really, what does it mean and why is egg quality essential for success in infertility treatment? More importantly, how can you improve egg quality?   What is Egg Quality? ... READ MORE

Vaginal Changes During Menopause

As women, we tend to worry about the effects of aging. We scrutinize each wrinkle and fret over every jiggle, but we sometimes forget about the changes that take place in parts we cannot see – like the vagina.   It is important to recognize the cause of most of these vaginal changes. As we approach menopause, our estrogen levels begin to decline and can fluctuate unpredictably – causing s ... READ MORE