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Vaginal Care for Colder Months

During the colder months, we are aware of the usual health concerns: dry skin, weight gain and winter blues. Do not forget that winter can also be a little harsh on the vagina.   How to avoid getting infections during the most wonderful time of the year? Simple: eat the right foods and wear the right clothes!  

Holiday Season: Tips for Keeping the Little Ones Safe

The holiday season is a great time for everyone, kids and adults alike! However, unfamiliar items, changes in routine and other distractions can lead to injuries.   To avoid having any unwanted situations during the holiday, here are some simple steps to keep the young ones safe:   Keep a watchful eye. If you are planning on attending or having a party ... READ MORE

Common Vaginal Conditions

It’s not actually JUST during winter, but all year-round, you can get a vaginal infection if fungi, bacteria or viruses grow in and around your vagina. It IS, however, normal for some types of bacteria to live inside the vagina, but other types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses should not be there.   Some vaginal infections are common and they are as follows:   Bacterial Vagino ... READ MORE

Cheering Up Someone With Infertility Issues

Becoming a parent, while easy for others, might be more difficult for some. You might not know exactly what to say to a friend or a loved one who is going through infertility issues and that’s what this blog is here for.   Here are some helpful tips on how you can cheer someone up who’s having infertility problems:   Take the issue seriously. Inf ... READ MORE

Vaginal Dryness: What Really Happens?

Vaginal dryness can be caused by irritants to delicate tissues, hormonal changes, anxiety, and more. During menopause, estrogen production decreases and then stops. When this happens, unwelcome changes occur in a woman’s body.   Vaginal dryness is just one of the common symptoms caused by menopause. It can also occur at any age. It may start out as a minor irritation but eventually, the lac ... READ MORE