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Get Your ‘V’ Ready for Winter

Winter is also known to be the ‘sweater weather’ and everyone knows the usual health concerns – weight gain, dry skin, and winter blues. Your vagina can also be affected during this season but don’t fret; there are ways to ward off nasty yeast infections and similar uncomfortable situations.   Here are several things for you to remember that can ensure that your vagina is in p ... READ MORE

Christmas Wishlist: Ideal Gifts for Vaginal Care

This holiday season, you must be listing down gifts to buy for your family and friends, shopping left and right, searching for the perfect presents to get them. Giving gifts and spreading love is what makes the holidays so fun. However, do not forget that you also have your own needs, especially your vagina. Here are some awesome ideas on what you can get the lovely women (yourself included) in you ... READ MORE

Safety Pregnancy Tips for the Winter

The cold, blistery winter season complete with icy sidewalks and slush are now in full force. Being pregnant during this time of year can definitely be a challenge, no thanks to dry and itchy skin, cold and flu germs as well slippery surfaces!   Here are some winter pregnancy tips to keep you warm, safe and healthy:   Safe Footwear You do not want to take risks with i ... READ MORE

Vaginal Infections to Watch Out For

Women are prone to have vaginal infections. Some women might experience some form of vaginal infection or inflammation at some point during their lifetime. Others seem to be more prone to vaginal infections that other for reasons that are not obvious.   What Upsets the Normal Vaginal Balance? A healthy vagina, by nature, has many bacteria and yeast. However, there are certai ... READ MORE

Christmas Wish List: Pregnancy Must-Haves

If you have any pregnant moms on your list for the holidays, you might want to take a look at our suggestions. We know how challenging it can be to choose the perfect gift for pregnant women. With all of the baby supplies slowly racking up, you would want to give something that will stand out and make pregnant women special, right?   Here are five excellent suggestions for presents that pregn ... READ MORE