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Sore Vagina and What You Need to Know

“Why is my vagina sore?” – It’s one question women hope they’d never have to ask.  We don’t blame you. A sudden ache in your private parts truly makes thinking about anything else impossible. And because it’s not really something you can openly ask people around you, it can also make you feel lonely and a bit scared even. Your mind can instantly spin, thinking ‘What if it ... READ MORE

Tone Down Your Workouts Before Pregnancy

Being active is almost always a positive choice and keeping fit while trying to get pregnant is a great thing. You must have to remember, however, that overly intense workouts might do more to hinder your conception efforts than help.   Health IS Wealth, Until It Isn’t Exercise plays a huge role in a person’s overall health and wellness – there’s no arguing this fact ... READ MORE

What Every Pregnant Woman Must Know About Zika Virus

Trying to get pregnant? If you are, if you are already pregnant, the Zika virus should be one of the things you should be concerned with now. The Zika virus, a mosquito-borne virus, is dominating headlines with its scary advance into various countries and potentially devastating consequences for pregnant women and their babies.   What is Zika Virus? This insect-borne illness ... READ MORE

What Happens in Menopause

At about the age of 50 to 55, most women’s monthly cycles finally stops – no more periods, no more ovulations, and no more chances of pregnancies. Welcome to the world of menopause.   What Actually Happens Some women say that you can really feel it when you lose your ability to reproduce. Few say you can hardly tell the difference. But for every woman, the menopause is m ... READ MORE

Yummy Recipes for Couples Trying to Conceive

Getting pregnant does not easily happen for everyone. Sometimes, even if you do not have any health issues, it may still take you up to a year of trying to get pregnant before you do. As you wait, here are some fertility recipes that can help you conceive more quickly. Eating fertility foods for both women and men is one of the best natural ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant.   READ MORE