Recovering From Failed Fertility Treatment

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Desperate infertile couple looking for help on psychotherapy

The news of a failed fertility treatment is equally devastating as knowing that you might not be able to conceive a child. Fertility treatments are not the easiest things to deal with. There are required tests, different procedures and steps, and the crucial waiting time for the results. However, sometimes treatment doesn’t work and it might take extra time to recover emotionally and physically. Some people just decide to not pursue further treatment.

Here are some helpful ways on how one can deal from this terrible loss:

Understand why the treatment did not work

This part might be the most crucial one, but it is essential to know why a certain treatment did not have a positive outcome. A thorough discussion with your doctor is needed. Ask as many questions as you can. Sadly, there may not always be answers, but hopefully there will always be a plan that you are comfortable with.

Look at alternative treatments

Before one can decide on whether or not she wants to stop pursuing treatments, it’s best to talk to a counsellor or others who have gone through a failed fertility treatment. A couple may wish to explore other options and to know of all possible solutions before accepting that they will just not have children.

Take a break

Sometimes it is recommended to couples who have a failed fertility treatment to wait for a couple months before trying a different treatment. This is done so that the body can recover and the couple can take a break from the stress of the previous treatment. This time is also perfect for reassessing a couple’s options and to accept what happened. It’s still important for the couple to ask their doctor if they should try the same treatment or consider a different one. The option to consider using donors or surrogates should also be discussed with a doctor. Talking to a counsellor will definitely help when going through difficult moments.

Choose to stop treatment

Some people decide to stop treatment after one failure, and others choose to stop after a few more tries. This is understandable. Treatments can be expensive and it can be emotionally draining. Your doctor might tell you that you have little or no chance at all of conceiving. You might even feel that you just simply want to go on with your life – even without children. It is important that you feel you are the one making the choice to stop treatment, but this should not be taken as a sign that you are a failure. Again, talking to a counsellor helps out during these tough times.


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