Common Reasons for Infertility Issues

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One of the greatest joys in life is having children; proud parents are able to watch their children grow from infants into hard-working adults. However, before this can happen, a couple has to get pregnant. Some couples have no problem doing this; although, it is not so simple for others. Both men and women can suffer from a number of things that can make them less fertile. Anyone who is struggling with getting pregnant may have one of these issues.


Fertility Issues for Men

Although none of us ever think that it will happen to us, many men around the world constantly struggle with a variety of infertility issues. There are a plethora of different fertility issues that men can suffer from. One of the most common is having a low sperm count; this means that the man may have little or even no sperm at all.


Another common fertility issue than many men face is called low sperm mobility. Men that suffer from low sperm mobility have sperm cells that don’t move as efficiently as they need to. Some men will also suffer from fertility issues such as abnormally shaped sperm or having blocked sperm ducts. Any men who think that they are suffering from any of these issues can benefit from visiting a fertility clinic.


Fertility Issues for Women


Just like men, women are also prone to a number of fertility issues. Many women who have fertility issues may notice changes in their periods. One of the first changes that a woman may notice is inconsistent period cycles. On average, a woman’s period cycle will last approximately 28 days. However, if a woman begins having inconsistent period cycles that are difficult to keep track of, she may be suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. There are also a number of other signs of fertility issues, such as painful/heavy periods or having no period at all. Any woman who is showing signs of these issues should make an appointment at a fertility clinic.


Despite the fact that we think we are impervious to them, many men and women suffer from fertility issues. Although some of these issues are unavoidable, it is important for both men and women to know the signs of fertility issues.


For more information about the common reasons for infertility, be sure to contact the fertility pros at First Steps Fertility.

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