Pregnant Women: Safe Spring Cleaning

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During pregnancy, everything can seem more intense for the pregnant woman. When she feels hungry, it might seem to her as if she is STARVING. When she feels thirsty, she will feel PARCHED. If she feels that the house is dirty, she will feel like the house is FILTHY, and there is no stopping her from cleaning.


Spring is just around the corner and even pregnant women can have the itch to take on some home projects here and there – clearing away the winter clutter or sprucing up the yard.


However, when it comes to pregnant women wanting to do some spring cleaning, there are both pros and cons. According to studies, household chores might increase the risk of preterm labour. Some studies also suggest that there might be a link between the use of certain cleaning products during pregnancy and respiratory problems in newborns. However, some health experts agree that, unless your pregnancy is at high-risk, cleaning will not hurt anyone – you or your unborn baby.


Here are some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind:


DO: Read the labels.

In order to keep safe while using chemical cleaning products during pregnancy, make sure to read the labels first and ensure that they can be used by pregnant women. It is also best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use.


DON’T: Touch your cat’s litter box.

Changing your cat’s litter box can put you at risk of contracting a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis which can be extremely dangerous during pregnancy. If you really have to do it, wear gloves and be sure to wash your hands immediately when you are done.


DO: Ensure you have good ventilation.

This is important especially if you are using conventional cleaning agents. When cleaning, make sure to open the windows or you may run the exhaust fan to minimise your exposure to potentially harsh smells and toxic fumes. These can make you feel nauseated during the first trimester.


DON’T: Do anything that involves climbing.

Keep in mind that the centre of your gravity does change during pregnancy. This just makes you more likely to fall especially during later stages. For this reason, it is important to avoid household chores that involve stepping on a stool or climbing a ladder.


DO: Always wear gloves.

You can use natural or chemical cleaning products but make sure to always protect your hands at all times by wearing gloves. Remember, your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy thus it can get irritated more easily. By wearing gloves, you also prevent harmful chemicals from entering your body via the skin.


DON’T: Attempt to remove mould.

Mould can be very dangerous for pregnant women as well as newborns. It should be removed immediately. However, you should not do it yourself. Inhalation of airborne mould spores can hurt you and your baby. You may have your partner or experts remove it instead.

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