Pregnant Women: Preparing for Winter


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You might know a handful of dos and donts when pregnant but true winter is coming – and this means that the rules are about to change a bit. Winter is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. For some, taking out sweaters and jackets may suffice, but for pregnant women, they might need a few more steps to prepare themselves for the harsh climate.


Here are some steps to help you survive your pregnancy this winter:


Drink plenty of water.

In winters, we tend to subconsciously forget or avoid drinking water due to the chilly weather. You might think that it’s not necessary but the body needs extra water due to the dry winter air. Substituting water with beverages will not be conducive to the baby nor the mother. Fresh fruit juices and coconut water do provide plenty of nutrition but nothing hydrates the internal system better than water.


Your cold should be cured.

Some pregnant women avoid taking off the counter medicines with the fear that it might affect the baby. If you are down with the cold and flu for more than two to three days, then your fears are reasonable. You should see a doctor and have your cold treated.


Get a flu shot.

To avoid having any serious problems or to avoid having flu, getting a flu shot before the winter comes around is important.


Don’t forget to moisturize.

Dry winter air can be harsh on the skin – most especially when you are pregnant as your skin is already dry. Dry skin gets itchy and flaky during winter. As tempting as long hot baths are, they should be avoided. Lukewarm water should be used instead. Keep in mind that soaking your skin in water for long periods of time can dry it even more. After bathing, moisturize your skin immediately. Don’t forget to slather ample amounts on your belly, elbows, hands, and even your chest.


Dress comfortably.

This winter, do not wrap yourself up in thick woollen clothes despite the cold. Pregnant women have extra sensitive skin and woollen clothes can irritate the skin. If you are layering up, choose clothing with cotton and soft cashmere materials instead. Make sure you do not wear clothing that is too tight or too snug as you may end up feeling nauseous. Your hands and feet can get colder than the rest of your body so make sure you wear soft mittens, gloves or socks when necessary.


Protect yourself.

No matter what the season is, you should take care and protect yourself while pregnant. Washing your hands regularly despite the cold weather is essential. Keeping yourself clean is the first step towards protecting yourself from any illness and diseases. You may also choose to keep a sanitizer handy if washing your hands is not possible. Keep a safe distance from people who are sick since your body is vulnerable during pregnancy. Do not forget to get ample sleeping hours so that you and your baby are well-rested at all times.


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