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Whether a woman is pregnant with her first child or her fifth, the pregnancy process is never a light thing. Experienced mothers would know that the first trimester is usually tougher than the second one. The third trimester, however, is a completely different story. Although the third trimester is tough, it can be made easier for pregnant women. How? Pamper them. Here are some helpful tips on how you can pamper a pregnant woman:

Setup a spa appointment.

During the third trimester, the worst part is the body aches. There are spas which offer prenatal massages that soothe the aches and pains of a pregnant woman. Other than relieving the body aches, going to the spa also provides relaxation like no other.

Purchase new undergarments.

A pregnant woman is bound to gain weight during the pregnancy. As a pregnant woman goes into the third trimester, good-fitting bras and underwear that do not cut into the thighs are essentials. Some women think that they are near the end of their pregnancy – there really is no need to get new undergarments. However, it’s still better to be comfortable during this phase. Invest in quality items that are designed to last and make you feel most beautiful and comfortable.


You might think, “With all the body aches and fatigue, who can even workout at this time?” However, working out throughout the pregnancy actually helps in keeping your joints limber. Working out also helps maximize energy – in preparation for childbirth. Before you engage yourself in any exercise, it is best to have your doctor’s approval first.

Drink tea.

Pregnant women usually crave for sweet treats, but those snacks do not really do the body (nor the baby) any good. Instead, do your body a favour and opt for tea. Tea is known for having light calories. It also gives a soothing feeling, and it is easy to savour.

Give special attention to your feet.

During the third trimester, the weight of a pregnant woman’s belly is heavier than the earlier trimesters. Thus, the feet take the most beating during this time. Some women experience aching feet from having too small shoes or swelling of the feet. Husbands, give her feet a massage before bedtime – it will give her such comfort!

Ask for help when doing chores.

Some pregnant women are more stressed than others especially if they have to do the usual chores such as cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes, among others. In preparation for the baby’s arrival, husbands: it is best to help her with the household chores. To the mothers: you do not have to carry the burden all on your own.

These are just some of the many ideas on how you can pamper a pregnant woman! Experienced moms, how were you pampered when you were pregnant?

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