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Did you know that about 30% of women feel pain during sex? Yes, most of them however, are too embarrassed to see a doctor about it and would rather resign to the pain or avoid sex altogether. Are you one of these woman? Do not fret just yet because there are other effective ways for you to cope with painful sex.


Here are some of the most common problems and the solutions you should try:


  1. Problem: Itching, Burning, and Discharge like Cottage Cheese which is Probably Yeast Infection

Solution: Do not self-diagnose. Visit your doctor for proper diagnosis and you’ll probably need an antifungal medication, unless it’s bacterial vaginosis, in which case an antibiotic would be needed.

  1. Problem: Deep Pain in the Lower Abdomen During Penetration which could be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Solution: If it is, indeed PID, you’d receive a prescription of combination of anitbiotics. If it happens to be caused by a sexually transmitted infection, make sure your partner comes in for treatment, too.

  1. Problem: Deep Pain from the Inside that Goes Away when You Switch Positions

Solution: Because this is more of an issue about angle and position and less medical, you may not need to see a doctor about it. However, due to the fact that it does make sex less fun, make sure you switch positions until you find one that’s really comfortable for you.

  1. Problem: Sandpapery feeling around the walls of your vagina which may be Vaginal Dryness

Solution: In most cases, all you need is a lubricant. However, if this dryness is more than an inconvenience, it may be right to check with your doctor. You can also try vaginal moisturizers to relieve you of dryness for days.

  1. Problem: Cramping and Pelvic Throbbing during Sex which could be symptoms of Endometriosis

Solution: Pain relievers and hormone therapy medications prescribed by your doctor can greatly help. For very extreme cases, a surgery may be required.

  1. Problem: Your vagina seems to shut when penetration is attempted

Solution: If it is vaginismus, which is sometimes primarily psychological, psychotherapy may be tried. Retraining of your vaginal muscles can also help them relax more.

  1. Problem: Stabbing pain both on the opening and the outside of your vagina which could be Vulvodynia

Solutions: Treatment can be complex because the cause of this problem is not concrete yet. A combination of local anaesthetics, medication, and physical therapy may be tried.

These are just some of the most common problems that can make intercourse really painful and how you can solve them. Remember that it’s never okay to just bear the pain, especially if something tells you there could be a serious problem.

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