Naturopathy: How It Can Help With Infertility


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Infertility is basically defined as a person’s inability to conceive and produce a child. Usually, a diagnosis is made after a year of active sexual activity without any contraception. Before, it was believed that infertility affected females predominantly, but recent studies have shown that about 30% of cases are attributed to female factors, 30% to male causes, 20% to combined elements, and 20% to unknown reasons.


Medical-based diagnosis and treatment usually involve a series of invasive tests, drug therapies, surgeries, as well as the option to try artificial conception technologies. For some, it is even considered a ‘disease’ that one has to overcome.


On the other hand, the naturopathic approach to infertility is more holistic. For example, even if a couple is looking for treatment, they’d be treated as individuals. Everything will be taken into account, including emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being, and not just the physical health.


Natural treatments and remedies can do a lot when it comes to correcting imbalances that may be affecting one’s ability to conceive. A variety of modalities is involved, including herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, and osteopathy.


What is the main goal of naturopathic treatments?

The goal is to provide support and improve the body’s natural processes without the use of synthetic drugs, invasive surgeries, and technologies for artificial conception.


There are many factors that may be affecting one’s fertility including anatomical factors, immunological factors, cervical environment, as well as nutritional factors and lifestyle factors.


Our Approach

When a couple desires conception, it is important that both male and female achieve the best health possible. Unfortunately, very few are able to follow a diet that ensures that they get all the necessary nutrients while also minimizing the use of additives, preservatives, and other chemical content in the food they eat. Today’s sedentary lifestyle also means people are always exposed to environmental toxins, stressed, and always rushed.


A naturopathy doctor’s dietary suggestions emphasize greatly on consuming whole foods, organic and raw vegetables and fruits, and light proteins. One should avoid sugars and fatty foods. Lots of filtered water should be drunk. Needless to say, you should keep away from alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, among others.


A detoxifying routine may be helpful. You can use elimination diets if you suspect any allergies are affecting your fertility. Any vitamin deficiency will be treated with the right supplementation.


We also strongly suggest for couples to get into some type of workout routine like aerobics, yoga, and other exercises. Staying active can help you achieve optimal health which is needed for successful conception.


These non-invasive and non-medical changes in lifestyle can be very beneficial to infertile patients. These can enhance their well-being and sense of esteem which can help facilitate conception on a subconscious level. Remember that a body that is nutritiously fed and exercised has a higher chance of conceiving than one that is of ill health.


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