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infertility treatment options for singles

Infertility Treatment Options for Singles

When it comes to the dream of having a child, things don’t always go the way you’d planned. In some cases, infertility strikes. In others, you just haven’t found “the one.”

Sometimes, both those things occur simultaneously. However, thanks to advances in science, neither of these issues makes parenthood impossible.

Infertility Treatment Options for Single Women

Today, single women throughout Canada are pursuing the dream of motherhood on their own and constructing healthy, happy families in the process.

Today, there are several infertility treatment options for single women. These include intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor sperm, and egg freezing.

All of these things allow mothers to either pursue parenthood without a male partner or to safeguard their fertility for future years.

Additional services include therapeutic donor insemination and ovulation induction.

Becoming a Single Parent

While single parenthood used to seem impossible, it’s become much more accessible in recent decades. Today, women can take control of their fertility and make active decisions to become mothers when, where, and how they want.

Additionally, women have more options surrounding the parentage of their baby. Today, it’s possible to use either a known donor (a person the woman knows and chooses to donate semen), or an unknown donor (a person who gives sperm via a sperm bank and has the option of keeping their identity anonymous).

If a woman has difficulty becoming pregnant because of low egg quality, she can also use donated eggs from another woman. Today, Canada offers dozens of reputable egg donor agencies that help women become parents by choice, regardless of infertility inconveniences that may stand in their way.

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Finally, women who are not ready to start their families yet, but know that they will want to in the future, can choose to freeze their eggs.

The quality of a woman’s eggs will decrease with age. Fortunately, cryopreservation techniques can help women preserve their fertility and save their healthy eggs for the future.

Infertility doesn’t have to define your life, and it doesn’t have to keep you from having a family. If you’re ready to take control of your options, click here for a referral form to bring to your doctor.