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Some women cringe at the thought of having yeast infection. Not everyone, however, knows what it actually is. A yeast infection is an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. This leads to uncomfortable symptoms such as:


*Burning and itching in and around the vagina

*Burning sensation when urinating

*Vaginal pain / discomfort during intercourse

*Vaginal discharge


Yeast infections are common and you can have more than one in a lifetime. Having a yeast infection is not something that can be avoided completely, but you can lower your risk of getting one. Here are some helpful ways on how to do that:


Wear cotton underwear or at least panties that come with a cotton panel at the crotch area. Wearing panty liners should be avoided as doing so can increase your risk of recurrent vaginal yeast infections. Yeast is more likely to grow in damp and moist environments. Thus, keeping moisture away from your body also helps in preventing yeast infections.


Change your underwear often to prevent dampness. It’s also important that you dry the entire vaginal area after showering or bathing.


Avoid tight-fitting shorts and pants. It is important that your vaginal area stays cool and dry. Air should flow freely and wearing tight-fitting pants and shorts do not permit air to flow as freely as it should.


Change from wet clothes as soon as you can. After working out or swimming, it is important that you change to clean, dry clothes immediately. A damp place is an ideal environment for yeast infection to thrive in.


Wipe from front to back after using the bathroom. This practice helps to avoid spreading bacteria from the anus to the vagina.


If you are diabetic, control your blood sugar levels. Doing so reduces your risk of yeast infections. There is a link between diabetes and yeast infections – high blood glucose levels from uncontrolled diabetes is, in fact, linked to infections of various kinds.


Have a healthy diet and manage stress. Although it has not yet been medically proven, some women can attest that too much sugar, beer, and stress can trigger their yeast infections. In general, eating well-balanced and nutritious meals as well as managing stress helps keep your immune system running well. A balanced lifestyle also boosts your overall health and feelings of well-being.


If you are experiencing ongoing problems with yeast, it is best to consult your physician. Have this problem addressed immediately to avoid having to live uncomfortably.

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