How to Help Someone Deal with Infertility

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Infertility is not something that everyone goes through, but it is something that ANYONE can be dealing with. You have to be sensitive enough to know what to say and what not to say. You might not think it, but YOU can help them feel better. Keep in mind that women are not the only ones who go through this, but men as well.


Here are some of the things to do or say to someone who is going through infertility:


Let them know you care.

There is nothing that can be as comforting as knowing that you have a strong support system to back you up during tough times.


Do your own research.

You don’t necessarily have to let them relive each crucial moment just for you to understand what they are going through. It can help if you do your own research on the matter. Read up on infertility and family building options that your friend might be considering so you know better when your friend starts to open up to you.


Show your interest.

Some people aren’t really interested in talking about infertility, but there are those who do. You have to make sure that you show your friend you are available if they want to talk, but don’t appear too eager to the point of pushing them to talk.


Exert extra effort to reach to male friends.

Infertility is not limited to women; your male friends are most likely grieving in silence. You have to be careful not to push them to talk to you. They will approach you when they are ready to talk; just be there for them, too.


Support their decisions.

Should they decide to try another treatment option, or if they choose to stop treatment altogether – support their decisions. Infertility treatments aren’t usually done consecutively, especially after some failures along the process. You have to be there for them and let them know you understand why they are choosing to do what they are doing.


Be with them on difficult appointments.

If they are going to the fertility clinic, you can offer to come with them or stay in the waiting room. They might turn your offer down, but the simple gesture that you want to be with them lets them know how committed you are in supporting them.


Offer to watch their older kids, if there are any.

Attending appointments can be difficult especially if they have other kids to attend to. Make yourself available to watch over their other kids so their minds can at least focus on their appointments.


These are just some ways on how you can be of help to someone who is going through fertility problems. You can recommend your friend to Dr. Fay Weisberg for fertility options.


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