Holiday Season: Tips for Keeping the Little Ones Safe

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The holiday season is a great time for everyone, kids and adults alike! However, unfamiliar items, changes in routine and other distractions can lead to injuries.


To avoid having any unwanted situations during the holiday, here are some simple steps to keep the young ones safe:


Keep a watchful eye.

If you are planning on attending or having a party with your children during the holidays, make sure that there is a designated adult who will supervise the young ones during the festivities. Adults can take turns supervising them over the course of the evening.


If you are having a party at home, you may hire a trained babysitter or designate a family member to look after the kids. This way, everyone will have the time to enjoy the party. Never assume that everyone at the party is watching over the children because you might end up with no one watching them at all.


Use kid-friendly and safe decorations.

When decorating your home for the holiday season, consider the materials you will be using. Remember that most kids are curious. They will want to play with the ornaments on the tree so keep the breakable ones out of their reach.


Lights are also one of the best parts of decorating your home during the holidays. Check if there are any exposed or frayed wires, broken sockets or loose connections – make sure to keep those out of their reach, too.


Be mindful of your presents.

When choosing gifts to give the young ones this holiday season, always consider their age. It is worth your time to read the instructions and warning labels that come with the items to ensure that the gift you are getting is right for them. Avoid purchasing toys or games with small parts or other potential choking hazards – especially for the younger ones.


If you are planning on buying a bike, scooter or skateboard for them this year, be sure to include the proper protective equipment such as helmets or kneepads to promote safety as they have fun.


Be more cautious when on the road.

During the holidays, many drivers spend more time on the road than usual – running errands or going to holiday events. This can lead to added frustration and exhaustion while driving. If you have your kids inside the vehicle with you, make sure to be extra cautious to avoid any accidents.


If you are attending an event, give yourself extra time to avoid rushing when on the roads. If your holiday plans include a flight out of town, be sure to pack appropriate car seats or booster seats for the younger ones.

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