Gym-Goers: How to Take Care of Your “V”

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Going to the gym is a part of many women’s daily lives. It’s great, too, that you want to make sure you are in good shape! However, do you know that your lady parts may be at risk every time you visit the gym? Aside from vaginal injuries due to physical activities (which really are a thing), you may be exposed to other dangers, too.

If you like going to the gym or planning to go sometime soon, you should learn these tips if you want to avoid sore or infected vagina:

  1. Protect yourself from yeast infection by wearing breathable workout gear and underwear like cotton. You want something that will pull away moisture. Avoid wearing sweaty and tight workout shorts for too long as prolonged exposure to moisture may cause a yeast infection.
  2. Observe good posture on the bike, and as much as possible, wear padded bike shorts when you ride a stationary bike to avoid getting a saddle sore. Avoid aggressively riding bikes, too.
  3. Avoid friction burns, or what’s often called chub rub by applying powders or Vaseline to prevent chafing and soothe the skin. Always make sure that your vaginal area is always as clean and dry as it could possibly be when you work out.
  4. Wash off all the gunk after you work out. You could not avoid sweating and neither should you. What is important is that you wash and air out your vagina thoroughly as soon as you are done working out.
  5. Vaginal cuts and scrapes are not impossible. Make sure you know basic first aid rules like applying a cold compress to bruises and cleaning and possibly covering wounds. Please know that no matter how embarrassing you think it is to hurt your vagina when working out, you are not the first one to hurt your lady parts at the gym.
  6. Strenuous abdominal exercises can possibly cause prolapse. It is a rare condition when parts of your vagina somehow escape from your body. If you think this can happen to you, we recommend that you skip ab machines and other abdominal exercises that could be too intensive. Leg lifts should also be avoided.

You can avoid any vaginal woes when you are at the gym by being extra careful. Don’t let the fear of hurting your “V” keep you from going to the gym and working out. Do what you need to do to stay in shape while at the same time keeping your vagina safe, too.



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