Great Practices for Great Vaginal Health


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No one wants to experience any vaginal discomfort, no matter what the age. It is also the responsibility of all women to be concerned about their vaginal health. What does it mean to have a healthy vagina, you ask? A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and it contains rich quantities of good bacteria that help fend of infections and maintain a normal pH level.


Here are some tips in order to prevent any vaginal problem from occurring:


Stay away from douching.
Some women grew up believing that it is essential to douche in order to not have a smelly vagina. Douching is also believed to help keep the vagina clean. However, there are chemicals and fragrances found in marketed douches that could upset the fragile pH levels and they might also trigger inflammation in the vagina. Instead of attempting to mask vaginal odour with a scented douche, use white or apple cider vinegar.


Treat infections as soon as they occur.
Most women will experience having yeast or microbial infection in their vagina at some point in their lives. These infections can happen even without being exposed directly to a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, these infections can be caused by different elements. Great news, though, is that these infections can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a health care specialist.


Maintain a healthy diet.
What a woman eats is not only crucial for her physical appearance and weight, but it could also influence the wellness of her vagina. Some researchers suggest that eating yogurt promotes the development of healthy microorganisms. Consuming plenty of water also helps to rinse damaging contaminants out of the body that are known to trigger vaginal conditions. Some women have also discovered that cranberries can also help improve vaginal health and wellness as well as soy items.


See your OBGYN regularly for preventive care.
Having regular gynecological exams is essential to maintaining your vaginal health. Every woman should have her first exam by the age of 21 or within three years after becoming sexually active. There are exams that can detect changes in vaginal cells that may indicate the presence of cancer. These experts can also diagnose disorders and diseases that can harm the vagina and reproductive system as a whole.


If you are a woman and are experiencing any inflammation or pain in your vaginal region, speak with your Dr. Fay Weisberg as soon as possible.

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