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Winter is also known to be the ‘sweater weather’ and everyone knows the usual health concerns – weight gain, dry skin, and winter blues. Your vagina can also be affected during this season but don’t fret; there are ways to ward off nasty yeast infections and similar uncomfortable situations.


Here are several things for you to remember that can ensure that your vagina is in perfect condition through the chilly months:


Eat healthy foods.

Probiotics such as yogurt are often advertised for their ability to keep yeast at a minimum. It can definitely keep the vagina healthy and protect you from yeast infections.


It is best to avoid eating certain foods that can harm the health of your vagina and vulva such as refined carbohydrates as they can feed yeast and can promote yeast overgrowth.


Wear the right type of clothing.

When it comes to clothing, pencil skirts and skinny jeans are okay to wear during this season, but make sure that the vaginal region can breathe. Synthetics are a no-no near the vulva. Clothing style does not really matter but the materials used do. It is always best to go for organic cotton.


Bottom line: avoid wearing too tight underpants and other pieces of clothing.


Do not douche.

If you feel like you need assistance keeping things clean down there, you do not. The vagina cleans itself. Studies show that using intravaginal hygiene products can put you at risk of infections and pelvic inflammatory diseases. You do not want to have those problems so it would be best to just don’t do it.


Be careful if you go cycling.

If you are a frequent rider – whether outside or at the gym – you could be at risk for genital pain, numbness and tingling while cycling.  A study of female cyclists in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that majority of experienced cyclists experienced these symptoms. If you love to be in cycling studios, try wearing padded shorts to keep your vagina pain-free during workout.


Use antibiotics with caution.

Another threat to the vagina’s good bacteria is antibiotics. Some pills can kill off good bacteria such as lactobacilli that keep the vagina healthy. If you have been prescribed antibiotics to fight off infection, make sure to load up on probiotic Greek yogurt to reduce the damage.


Use the right soap.

Scented body wash can be great to use but it should be used anywhere near the genitals. Soap can dry up the sensitive skin around your vulva. You need to rinse with warm water to be able to keep things clean down there. If you are not comfortable with going soap-free, make sure to use gentle and unscented soap instead.

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