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Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus is an uncommon skin condition that mainly affects the skin of the vulva, skin around the anus and in men, the penis. It presents with small white, scaly lesions that are sometimes itchy. This condition is not contagious and is not a pre-cancer condition. The problem with lichen sclerosis is that it causes the skin to be itchy and sore, and may lead to tightening of the skin or small cracks that bleed. Together these symptoms may make intercourse painful, uncomfortable and anxiety provoking.

Seeking medical help is important to make the correct diagnosis. Many women will treat itching as a yeast infection or more seriously ignore something that is potentially more serious. Seeing your doctor will lead to the correct treatment plan. Often the physician may recommend a small biopsy in an affected area to ensure the correct diagnosis is made.

Typically Lichen Sclerosus is treated with a steroid cream. This works in many patients. There may be other options available to you that are new and steroid free. A tech solution has been shown to eliminate the patchy areas and relieve the itch.

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